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Foreign employment is a perfect chance to earn high wages even for an unskilled worker.


If you are a qualified specialist with a high level of training, you can be eligible for a job in your degree field, and therefore, for a more sizable income.
The opportunity to visit another country will be a bonus. You will make new interesting friends and will be able to practice the foreign language in its natural surroundings.
Don’t be afraid of the complex paperwork and the need to look for a responsible employer. Let professionals worry about it, help you find an interesting job offer, and take on all the recruitment efforts.



Visa is the most important document required for foreign employment and traveling abroad.


It is no secret that each country puts forward its own requirements for getting it.
When collecting and filling out the documents necessary for getting a visa, it is extremely important to adhere to visa legislation and stick to all the imposed requirements because the slightest mistake can affect the decision to issue it. We are ready to help you and supervise the whole process of getting a visa. You will not have to solve complex issues yourself — we will do everything for you to the smallest detail.



Travel insurance is an indispensable prerequisite for getting a visa as well as for traveling to other countries.


Our company can also assist you in getting other types of insurance:

  • car insurance;
  • life insurance, property insurance;
  • medical and travel insurance;
  • accident insurance;
  • legal entity insurance.


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